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“You lose when you overpay” – G2A.COM launches a new marketing campaign in Europe


G2A.COM's brand-new commercial focuses on the biggest advantage of G2A Marketplace: the best deals for gamers and geeks. The campaign was made in collaboration with Group One’s agency, Change Serviceplan.

It’s aimed at G2A’s main target group: gamers. The video shows a series of situations in which young people choose to buy products in places other than G2A and are surprisingly defeated afterwards. That’s the price of overpaying – game over!

“We had a great time creating these ads,” says Marek Magoń, Head of Brand and Marketing Communication at G2A. “In addition to the main statement of the campaign, which is meant to emphasize attractive deals, we also managed to sneak in a lot of jokes and gaming references. Gamers appreciated that, which can be seen from the many positive voices that have reaches us since the commercial went public,” he adds.

Another goal of the campaign is to inform European customers about the latest addition to G2A Marketplace: gaming gear and merchandise. Thanks to these new categories, gamers can purchase various electronics, gadgets and other useful gaming products. Everything they may need for their hobby is now in one place. Purchasing these items is as of now limited to the EU, but that’s just the beginning, as this new addition is planned to be available worldwide in the future.

In just a couple of days, G2A’s campaign has reached over 6 million European Facebook users, and over 11 million Google users.

G2A chose to cooperate with Change Serviceplan, a creative agency that is part of Group One. Dominik Przerwa and Marcin Nowakowski, members of Change Serviceplan’s Creative Department, described the process as so: “We put all of our gaming-loving hearts into this campaign. The openness of our client allowed us to spread our wings and have fun with our work. It was as if we were staying up all night just to play our favorite video games.”

Change Serviceplan, along with its sister agency – SalesTube, is helping G2A implement the campaign all over the European market.


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