Data protection and customer security are our priorities

We use an array of the latest technologies that provide a sophisticated verification process
within the entire G2A ecosystem. Our system is also regulated by Anti-Money Laundering Policy
and Anti-Terrorist Financing Regulations. Thanks to these policies, we know what is important
in terms of security and what to focus on when improving our systems.


Thanks to many innovative solutions like device recognition and two-factor authentication, the security of our users’ accounts is on the highest possible level.


Selling is a crucial part of our ecosystem. It requires additional protection, therefore, the Anti-Money Laundering Policy is implemented into the seller verification process. Over 120 factors are used to verify sellers and their listed auctions.


We monitor our transactions nonstop. We regularly improve our systems as well as implement the most sophisticated systems designed to fight fraud.


The last step in the selling process is as important as selling itself. As a result of which, we have developed several solutions to build a bridge between us and our sellers. We are fully compliant with the Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

3rd Party Tools

Cooperation with our business partners, as well the proper use of information to improve customer security are both extremely important to us. Together, we create an entire ecosystem and seek even better solutions.