• Otogami

    The best thing we can say about G2A is that everything works fine, something very important when you are trying to build a solid reputation online like Otogami.com, a neutral...
  • Ozone

    We are very happy with the campaigns that we have developed with G2A. They are a very reliable partner with a lot of knowledge about the gaming market, we have achieved common goals with high levels of success.
  • Dbolical

    It is easy to endorse G2A and introduce games and content to their platform, knowing they put their customers and publishers first, and are actively involved in deserving charities such as ’Save the Children.
  • Marek Rosa - Keen Software House

    G2A is a very reliable and trustworthy partner and also an excellent distributor.
  • Liga de Videojuegos Profesional

    G2A has set the benchmark. Is quick and easy to navigate and delivery is super-fast. All online shops should be this easy! We have been ordering for a number of years now and we have never been disappointed.
  • Gamersbook

    We have enjoyed working with G2A since the first moment our cooperation started. Fast and secure payment options and employees that understand the needs of a modern gamer is what truly matters. Those qualities make G2A our valuable partner, and...
  • DNKu

    I`m partnered with G2A for almost a year now and i`m really happy i decided to work with them. Thanks to their `Goldmine` program i evolved as a streamer and youtuber, by getting better gear and equipment to proudly represent...
  • Hotted89

    It’s really awesome that G2A invited us, a bunch of streamers that know each other, to check out their headquarters.
  • InetKox

    It is great working with g2a. You are very solid partner in every aspect of cooperation. To be honest it is also very simple. Post on facebook, advertising on our channels, banners - it is all very clear. Also i...
  • Onscreenlol

    It’s brilliant being with G2A! They noticed me when I started streaming and picked me up. Thank you, G2A.
  • Bateson87

    I’ve worked with G2A for numerous months now. They’ve given me and my fanbase a platform to go to. It’s where a lot of my viewers go and no one has any problems there. G2A is already big but will...

The above are just a fraction of our partners’ opinions about G2A.COM. We are always open to cooperation and enthusiastic about new joint ventures. Our most important goals include mutual help in development, achieving great results and maintaining a friendly atmosphere conducive to long-term cooperation. Our testimonials from people representing famous brands prove this is indeed the case.

We have gained numerous valuable contacts in different industries. Our cooperation with gaming hardware manufacturers earned G2A.COM the title of a reliable, trustworthy partner in large marketing projects. Fintech leaders help us develop new online payment solutions for G2A PAY, tailored to customers’ ever-growing needs and recognized by renowned brands.

G2A.COM works with YouTube and Twitch content creators, supporting rising stars and helping known influencers expand their fan base even further.

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