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The keyboard is mightier than the revolver – G2A Deal #7


The newest G2A Deal is hitting virtual shelves on Thursday, October 5th. G2A Deal, a games pack brought to you by G2A.COM’s publisher and developer program G2A Direct, is bringing fans a new array of great games for just €2.49 with a subscription, or €2.99 as a one-time purchase. This month’s Deal includes VaragtP’s Plantera, Sigma Team’s Alien Shooter TD, Bad Seed Games’ The Beggar’s Ride, Goblinz Studio’s Dungeon Rushers, and Surprise Attack Games’ Western Press.

The games in every edition of G2A Deal come straight from the developers and publishers themselves, with no third-party sellers involved. The games featured in the lucky seventh edition of G2A Deal include everything from blood-thirsty invaders to cute, gardening critters.

Plantera – are you dreaming of a garden but live in a concrete jungle? Then let your gardening dreams come true as you harvest plants and collect fruits and vegetables in your very own virtual garden. This casual farming simulator comes ripe with little blue helpers, irksome critters, and coins galore.

Average review on Steam: 9/10

Alien Shooter TD – this Tower Defense game based on the legendary Alien Shooter series is perfect for the hero who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty. Resist countless waves of blood-thirsty invaders, build towers, and command an elite warrior platoon all in the hopes of rescuing humanity.

Average review on Steam: 9/10

The Beggar’s Ride – embody a beggar-turned-hero in this unique platform puzzle adventure game. Join an old beggar on his journey to distant lands as you use god-like powers granted by ancient masks to solve puzzles and direct the forces of nature.

Average review on Steam: 9/10

Dungeon Rushers – all those dungeons are just ready for the taking, but are you up to the task? Find out in this 2D tactical RPG game with turn-based combat and see just how many dungeons you can loot. Assemble a heroic dream team, craft new equipment, and even build your own trap-rigged dungeons.

Average review on Steam: 7/10

Western Press – can you type your opponents to death? Apparently, you can in this frontier dueling game. The rules are simple – you compete in a tournament of up to 16 players (or bots), and whoever types a 10-character string faster wins the duel and ultimately the entire competition.

Average review on Steam: 8/10

All the keys included in this edition of G2A Deal will be available immediately after purchase as Steam codes and will not be region-locked.

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