G2A.COM is the world's largest and most trusted marketplace for digital entertainment, where more than 30 million people from 180 countries have purchased over 100 million items. Users can choose from more than 75,000 digital offerings incl. games, DLCs, in-game items, as well as non-gaming items such as gift cards, subscriptions, software, e-learning - sold by sellers from all over the world. G2A.COM leads in online security, awarded with the prestigious American CNP award alongside companies such as Microsoft, Barclay's Bank and First Data. 

Want to enter the world of customer service and learn how to use e-commerce tools? You’ve come to the right place! We’re opening the Gate 2 Adventure in a Digital World for you as per our Enter the Game internship program.

By joining our tightly-knit team you will get the chance to gain knowledge on working with customers, as well as get to know the tools and systems which help in efficient customer management.

Under our tutelage you will learn how to use e-commerce systems and tools which help us in managing customers, products, and platforms. You will not only observe, but also participate in daily tasks of the Business Support team and Account Managers, learning from experienced experts.

This internship is not just an opportunity to gain valuable experience, but also an opportunity for career development in a dynamic business environment. We’re offering a paid three-month internship from July to September. Join us and discover the fascinating world of customer service.

You're a perfect match for the role, if:

  • Excellent communication skills are in your DNA
  • You’re a master of time management
  • You can juggle a couple of tasks at once and prioritize them
  • You love to take initiative and share numerous ideas with others
  • You’re simply cut out for teamwork
  • You’re a natural when it comes to customer support, building excellent relationships with business partners, and negotiations
  • Your English is beyond expectations – a B2 level minimum is no challenge for you

Bonus points for:

  • Knowledge on the gaming world

Your responsibilities:

  • Replying to messages regarding offers, transactions, payouts or seller accounts
  • Checking and verifying offers in terms of their validity as per the second line of offer verification
  • Reporting issues that were either identified by the sellers or noticed by yourself during work
  • Helping sellers in completing business verification
  • Verifying post-sale reviews posted by the buyers in order to detect irregularities or Terms & Conditions breaches
  • Reporting feedback from sellers and yourself to your manager in order to improve our platform

Why joining us worth it:

  • We offer a paid three-month internship from July to September 2024
  • You will receive the tools necessary for your work, such as a laptop or a phone
  • We can provide your home office with ergonomic furniture and electronic devices, such as: footrests, exercise balls, chairs and lumbar supports, monitors, mousepads, laptop docking stations, mice, keyboards, and headphones
  • We care about the work-life balance and wellbeing of our team
  • We provide opportunities for you to turn your ideas into reality and we appreciate such initiatives
  • We support skill and knowledge development via internal and external trainings
  • We work according to the values of DEI: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • We support grassroots initiatives and charities
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