G2A.COM is the world's largest and most trusted marketplace for digital entertainment, where more than 30 million people from 180 countries have purchased over 100 million items. Users can choose from more than 75,000 digital offerings incl. games, DLCs, in-game items, as well as non-gaming items such as gift cards, subscriptions, software, e-learning - sold by sellers from all over the world. G2A.COM leads in online security, awarded with the prestigious American CNP award alongside companies such as Microsoft, Barclay's Bank and First Data. 

We are seeking a talented Software Engineer to join us in developing high-quality software solutions. Join the team who builds, develops, and supports the Skylab platform hosting most of G2A’s internal back-office panels. The Skylab eases and standardizes back-office application development and hosting, project and components bootstrapping with built-in testing and performance testing tools.

The team you will join is self-sufficient – you will design, build, and test solutions on your own, based on the Kubernetes platform. Other development teams will be your only customers – you will work directly with the Product Owner, which means that your team has no contact with typical business stakeholders.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel. As you surely know, Skylab is built on top of the market standards and open-source software. We mainly code in TypeScript, a frontend built on Next.js and React, while on the Backend, we use Node.js. 

Join a collaborative and inclusive work culture where your ideas are valued, and teamwork is highly encouraged. We foster an environment that promotes learning, growth, and continuous improvement. We also understand the importance of work-life fit. Enjoy flexible work schedules and remote work options that allow you to manage your commitments while excelling in your role.

You’re a perfect match for the role, if:

  • You have at least 3 years of experience in JavaScript / TypeScript
  • You have excellent knowledge of React.js and Next.js
  • You have good knowledge of Node.js
  • You have practice in creating efficient and scalable APIs
  • You have working knowledge of the Git version control system

An additional advantage will be:

  • You have experience in working with application containerization, in particular Docker and K8S
  • Experience in building applications based on the Microservices architecture
  • Experience building CMS systems

Your responsibilities:

  • Participation in creating a Micro Frontends platform for the COM marketplace
  • Participation in choosing technological solutions
  • Development of microservices written in Node.js
  • Taking care of code quality and application performance
  • Developing solutions to increase the availability of the platform
  • Developing platform monitoring
  • Building tools for better developer experience

Why is joining us worth it?

  • Hybrid or remote workplace model
  • You will be part of a team constantly exploring innovative technologies and solutions
  • We care about work-life fit and the well-being of our teams
  • You will receive all the necessary work resources, such as a laptop and a mobile phone (if required)
  • We can provide and deliver ergonomic and electronic equipment to your home office, such as footrests, stability balls, chair with back support, monitor, mousepad, laptop docking station, mouse, keyboard, headphones
  • We provide an opportunity for realizing new ideas and appreciate them a lot
  • We encourage the development of skills and competences with internal and external trainings
  • We value DEI – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • We support grassroots initiatives and take part in charity events
  • We offer valuable benefits, such as:
  • the welcome pack
  • vouchers for the “Worksmile” platform (each month the employees receive a pool of 200 points they can spend on many products and services available in the system)
  • private healthcare
  • the “MultiSport” card
  • an opportunity to take part in industry events
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  • External trainings
    External trainings
  • Internal trainings
    Internal trainings


  • Worksmile cafeteria
    Worksmile cafeteria

Organization Culture

  • No dress code
    No dress code
  • Welcome Pack
    Welcome Pack
  • Flexible working hours
    Flexible working hours

Sport & Wellness

  • Life insurance
    Life insurance
  • G2A Active Teams
    G2A Active Teams
  • Medical care at Lux Med
    Medical care at Lux Med

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