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ETL Engineer

Cracow, Warsaw, Rzeszow, Remote Technology Apply now

ETL Engineer Team Leader

Cracow, Warsaw, Rzeszow, Remote Technology Apply now

Software Engineer (Golang)

Cracow, Warsaw, Rzeszow, Remote Technology Apply now

Incident Manager

Cracow, Warsaw, Rzeszow, Remote Technology Apply now

People & Culture Business Partner

Cracow, Warsaw, Rzeszow, Remote Hr Apply now

Middle/ Senior SEO Specialist

Cracow, Warsaw, Rzeszow, Remote Marketing-&-communications Apply now

Junior Partnership Manager

Cracow, Warsaw, Rzeszow, Remote Sales Apply now

Senior/ Middle SEM Specialist

Cracow, Warsaw, Rzeszow, Remote Marketing-&-communications Apply now

Payment Risk Identification Manager

Warsaw, Remote Other Apply now

Freelance Copywriter

Cracow, Warsaw, Rzeszow, Remote Marketing-&-communications Apply now

Senior Graphic Designer

Cracow, Warsaw, Rzeszow, Remote Ux-&-creative Apply now

Marketing Automation Specialist

Cracow, Warsaw, Rzeszow, Remote Marketing-&-communications Apply now
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Ever since I became G2A’s Data Industry Analyst, none of my workdays have been the same.

My Monday might be about a Twitter feed full of Web3 analytics and gaming deep-dives, or googling for book titles on behavioral science.

On Wednesdays I might join a Business Development call to share some insights with our potential partners. Fridays are for research and catching up with newsletters. On other days I might be lurking my Miro and Figma boards, or facing the backlog of browser tabs about Web3 and the gaming industry.

When I’m off-duty I pursue my hobbies, such as podcast-powered nordic walking through Rotterdam. In the evenings, I’m glued to my Nintendo Switch or read a book on gaming, biographies, or something equally fascinating.

Asia Kurkowska
Industry Data Researcher
G2A’nian since 2021

Even as a child I found great satisfaction in improving Lego builds or putting fluorescent paint on the spokes of my bike’s wheels. Then adulthood came and it turned out I can use my knack for optimization in professional life.

I began by working for a major Polish bank as a Customer Support specialist. A while later, after a recruitment call from G2A I took up the challenge and decided to test my skills against a new market and a new workplace, now as a UX Researcher.

After 5 years I am sure that I made the right decision. From the get-go I received necessary knowledge and support from my colleagues, and two years later I advanced to Senior UX Researcher. Eventually, after trainings offered by the company, I could also become a manager.

Krystian Miąsik
UX Researcher Team Leader
G2A’nian since 2016

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does” are words which define my time with G2A, so let’s make a difference with my story! I joined G2A in 2015 as a leader of a small team, and after 6 years filled with support and opportunities, look where I am!

I live by the principle of “Make IT Human Again” and promoting it helped me build a lasting, efficient team. Every day I do my best to present hardware & software, management and security in a simple, understandable manner. In private life, I’m a productivity freak who loves his daughters, tech gadgets, and Iron Maiden.

G2A is more than just a company – it’s amazing people, inspiring leaders, and a place where thinking out-of-the-box meets daily challenges.

Ireneusz Sas
Cyber Resilience Lead
G2A’nian since 2015

I’ve been with G2A since 2016. It was a time when we welcomed new G2Anians every week. We were laying the foundations for G2A’s culture and technology for years to come.

I started as Infrastructure Administrator, two years later became a Senior. Since 2019 I’ve been leading a world-class team of fourteen SysDevOps. Every day I’m learning something new from them, and despite any differences we might have, our team is one of the most tight-knit teams in G2A.

To me G2A is an adventure with wonderful people and fascinating projects, such as building a Data Center in Amsterdam. Most of all, G2A is a place which values trust and team more than anything, which is why it’s the best company I’ve ever had the pleasure of working for.

Konrad Rudy
IT Lead
G2A’nian since 2016

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