Why selling on G2A is a great choice?

Our platform offers a combination of convenient solutions for sellers and advanced security measures. More than 200 of top sellers on G2A exceeded €100,000 of turnover in 2019 alone! 11 million transactions were completed that year. There are 115 million unique visits annually. These statistics speak for themselves.

Sell digital game keys, DLCs, gift cards and software, anything based on an activation key or a unique link. You can offer physical items – gaming equipment and merchandise – as well, and ship them to any place in the EU. Enjoy a massive customer base and competitive fees.

Enjoy great benefits for your business

We have a great way of increasing your profits. Thanks to our Seller Supreme program the more you sell, the better perks you receive, including lower fees and faster payout options.

Integration API

Even if you run your own online store, you can easily take advantage of the possibilities G2A Marketplace offers. Thanks to our Integration API you can expand your offer with products offered on G2A.COM or start selling on both platforms – yours and ours – at the same time.


G2A Plus

Program for partners. Join as a seller and get premium positioning of your offers, as well as lower fees. Join as a partner and enjoy a larger customer base and new marketing opportunities.

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G2A Direct

Program for publishers and developers. Enjoy competitive fees. Earn on each third-party sale of our products on G2A Marketplace. G2A Direct is happy to help you gest started

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G2A Referral

Program for sellers. Boost your sales through sharing reflinks to G2A Marketplace and earn more money in an easy way! Benefit from and engage your followers and fans.

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How to start selling?

You can create your first auction in just a couple of minutes. All you need to do is complete seller verification. Check out our Seller Support Hub to learn more.