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G2A teams up with Illuminar Gaming and Arcane Wave


The largest digital marketplace for gamers has two new partners in its roster: one of the most-renowned polish esports organization, and its sister team focused on the female gaming scene. G2A now works with 5 of 10 most influential streamers and groups in Poland, according to Weszło Esport's 2019 report.

Established in 2015, Illuminar quickly rose to fame thanks to impressive victories in League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The organization has recently created an all-female CS:GO team, Arcane Wave, which fared very well in Polish Championship, advancing to the semifinals in Katowice. Many known Polish influencers work with Illuminar, including Overpow, Nieuczesana, Tuttek, Shini and Ortis.

We’re proud to announce that a yet another endemic company has partnered with iHG,” said Grzegorz Kamiński, the CEO of Illuminar. “Together with our sponsor we made it our goal to give our community a major boost. We have a lot in store for our fans and aspiring streamers. Stay tuned! We’ll reveal all the cards soon, and our supporters will be able to actively participate in upcoming events,” he added.

We’re back to promoting esports big time,” said Patryk Romanowski, G2A’s Senior Partnership Specialist. “Illuminar and Arcane Wave have joined the roster of our incredible partners, whose ranks include fantasyexpo, x-kom AGO, Izak and pashaBiceps. We’re not stopping there, we have bold plans for the future as well,” he added.

G2A’s logo will appear on T-shirts of Illuminar’s CS:GO and FIFA teams, as well as Arcane Wave’s. It will also be extensively featured in materials prepared by Illuminar’s streamer network.

Illuminar Gaming is an esports organization consisting of CS:GO, League of Legends and FIFA teams, as well as a partner network of influencers and streamers. Formed in 2015, iHG has gained a steady following and won many awards.

Arcane Wave is an all-female CS:GO team consisting of former Unity Female players. Their latest success is advancing to the semi-finals of Polish Championship in CS:GO.

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