G2A Loot is a new service which adds another layer of fun to the G2A ecosystem

On G2A Loot, customers can open themed video game loot cases in exchange for G2A Loot Points. Each loot box includes a minimum of five games. After purchase and loot box opening, you can see which of the games featured inside will be yours!

Get your rewards

The game box options on G2A Loot are endless – from classic racing game cases, to hack and slash hits, to the best games for casual gamers. Once you choose a loot box, you can open it and see which game you get. If you do not like the game you received, you can transfer it back to G2A for Loot Points. If you like it, great – go ahead and activate it on Steam. G2A Loot features some of the best loot boxes around, so don’t wait to check them out.

G2A Loot