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G2A Loot – creative gaming cases now accessible from G2A.COM


Digital gaming marketplace G2A.COM gives access to G2A Loot, a brand-new product from external party with lots of exciting new features for its customers.

G2A Loot is a service on which customers can receive themed, video game related loot products, packed in cases, in exchange for G2A Loot Points. The cases include a minimum of five games (there is no maximum – the sky is the limit). Once you choose a case, you can open it and see which of the games featured inside can be yours. If you do not like the game you received, you can transfer it back to G2A for Loot Points. If you like it, great – go ahead and activate it on Steam by logging into your Steam account directly through the G2A Loot website.

G2A Loot has its own vouchers called Loot Points. Customers need to purchase Loot Points to open loot cases – ten Loot Points cost one Euro. The Loot Point value of all cases is determined automatically based on the chances of getting each product in the case, and their retail value.

Soon another feature will be introduced allowing you to create your own cases on G2A Loot, filled with games or other available products of your choice! The options are endless – from classic racing game loot cases, to hack’n’slash hits, to the best games for casual gamers. You will be able to fill your case with products, set the odds for each of them, and customize the appearance of the case. You do not need to own the stuff to make loot cases, you can mix and match games from the catalog free of charge. Once you have created your loot case, it will be available for everyone on G2A Loot. If anyone chooses to open it, you will get a few Loot Points as a thank you for creating such a great case.

G2A Loot is only the next addition in a string of new features and changes on G2A.COM. Stay tuned for more coming soon.

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