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G2A Deal #6 will not be forgotten


G2A.COM is happy to announce that the sixth edition of G2A Deal has hit its marketplace. You can subscribe to G2A Deal for €2.49 or make a one-time purchase for €2.99 to expand your Steam library with five new games for one incredibly low price. The pack includes: Forgotten, Not Lost – A Kinetic Novel from Afterthought Studios, Gloria Victis from Black Eye Games, 10 Second Ninja X from Curve Digital, SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition from Black Shell Media and DISTRAINT from Jesse Makkonen.

G2A.COM believes that every gamer will find some joy in playing the titles in the sixth G2A Deal edition – the games not only let you experience real-life problems, but also feel the power of the ultimate warrior.

Forgotten, Not Lost
 – have you ever wondered what it is like to forget your past? This kinetic novel novel puts you in the shoes of those fighting with dementia, and gives you an emotional glimpse into their lives.

Gloria Victis – pick sides with one of the nations and take control of the continent while traversing the low-fantasy MMORPG world accompanied by your fellow compatriots.

10 Second Ninja X – become the fastest ninja that ever roamed the online world and smash those vile robots in 10 seconds. Time to pit your wits against 100 demanding levels in this hardcore sidescroller!

SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition – enter the dungeon in a fun and strategic mixture of Japanese RPGs and rouge-like games. So, who will you become? A valiant knight or an antihero? The choice is yours to make.

DISTRAINT – learn the price of humanity as you pursue your dream career. Is the partnership with the best company in the world worth the cost that must be paid? Find out in this psychological, horror adventure!

The games in every G2A Deal come from direct cooperation with game developers and publishers within the G2A Direct publisher and developer program (no third-party sellers involved). They are all free of region locks, which means that they can be redeemed anywhere in the world, and are delivered as Steam CD-Keys immediately after the purchase. If you are ready to experience new adventures, G2A Deal #6 can be bought on G2A.COM.

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