G2A.COM invests in blockchain technology


Hidden in the blockchain network is the potential to revolutionize many different industries. Data blocks in the network can store any type of data, which means this unique technology can impact anything from banking through the energy sector to administration. G2A.COM is building a special team of experts to harvest and develop this potential.

Blockchain is an innovative, decentralized way to send information about transactions, as it does not require any central authentication systems, and users can be sure that their data is completely secure. Thanks to the latest cryptographic solutions, the data cannot be falsified and the security is virtually unbreakable.

As a company known for investing in the latest solutions, G2A.COM plans to build a team of top-class specialists to work on this technology. “This is the future of the digital world,” explains Bartosz Skwarczek, CEO of G2A.COM. “We intend to build leading blockchain work centers from the ground up, investing not only in the technology, but in the people who know how to best apply it to our business model.

G2A.COM was built upon a foundation of the most modern solutions, which resulted in the fastest growing digital gaming marketplace for gamers and the secure and convenient payment gateway G2A PAY. Working with blockchain technology is simply the newest way that G2A.COM can go above and beyond market standards to deliver customers the most advanced services possible.


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