G2A.COM featured on the cover of Fenomen Polska


Once an unassuming Subcarpathian startup, now a global marketplace – this is how Fenomen Polska describes G2A.COM, a company that started as an online game store with accessible price tags. How did it achieve such immense success? Find out in the latest issue of the magazine that promotes Polish achievements.

The rapid growth of G2A.COM drew vast numbers of customers, sellers and video game developers to the new platform, which soon became a household name among gamers. The marketplace, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. The company seeks to conquer the FinTech market with G2A PAY, an online payment solution integrating over 200 methods worldwide, and other innovative products and services.


G2A.COM’s CEO Bartosz Skwarczek talks about the company’s investments and shares his dream of creating the very first brand widely associated with Poland.

You will find out more in Issue 13 of the Fenomen Polska magazine.

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