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Global digital marketplace G2A.COM finds winning combination in cloud and AI services


G2A.COM, the world’s largest marketplace for digital products, is exploring the huge potential of cloud and artificial intelligence to further improve its user recommendation and fraud protection systems. It’s already racking up achievements with more optimized internal operations, reduced costs and a better service for its millions of buyers and sellers.  

G2A.COM is one of the world’s most popular places to buy and sell digital games, with transactions worth €436 million in 2017 alone. G2A Marketplace has over 16 million customers, buying items from more than 400,000 sellers worldwide. The company’s mission is to deliver the most secure and user-friendly transaction ecosystem by combining fintech and marketplace into one convenient solution for both business and individuals.

G2A.COM’s Head of IT, Piotr Bojdoł, explains, “G2A.COM is looking to harness the power of Azure-delivered AI (Artificial Intelligence Services) to improve our recommendation engine and further fortify anti-fraud protection systems.”

G2A.COM implemented an AI-powered recommendation system that has increased transaction and conversion volume, as well as a new intelligent anti-fraud system that protects all G2A ecosystem users.

AI will minimize our costs

“Thanks to Microsoft Azure, we will minimize the number of rejected transactions, which will streamline the buying process on our marketplace. The new AI-enhanced system will also give us earlier warnings of possible deception, and further strengthen our security to a level high beyond any other online marketplace” adds Dorota Wróbel, General Manager of G2A Marketplace. “Azure will also decrease our costs by providing a reliable in-house solution.”
Azure Platform is now basis for an efficient hybrid cloud data center for G2A.COM. It allows to exploit the best of native Azure services and supported Open Source solutions like HDInsight, what helps company to deliver services quicker to the market.
The decision to use Azure in both the recommendation and anti-fraud systems was spurred by G2A.COM’s successful implementation of Microsoft Office 365 and cloud-based collaboration tools to improve internal company communication.
“Adoption of Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Office 365 has made it much easier for us to work together as a global unified team,” says Bojdoł.
“This is important for us, as we have grown rapidly over the years and now have multiple teams in different countries. Microsoft’s cloud has made communicating between our offices around the world convenient. We know our internal documents are secure and yet can be easily shared between teams,” explains Wróbel.

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