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It’s safe to say it’s an amazing workplace: G2A won the Best Benefits 2018 award


Cutting-edge technologies, a well-equipped Games Room, an in-house gym, saunas and a massage room – all that (and so much more) is available to every employee of G2A, from beginners to the CEO himself. This is one of many reasons why G2A was awarded for the best employee benefits.

There is room for everything in G2A’s benefit offer,” says Zyta Machnicka, an Employer Branding expert and a member of Benefits Festival 2018’s jury. The company does not simply provide a comfortable workplace, it cares about the health and well-being of its employees, encourages them to spend their leisure time actively, pursue exciting hobbies and take part in after work initiatives, such as charity actions. It’s worth noting that all these perks are based on the ideas of employees themselves,” she explains.
G2A ensures that everyone has access not only to the most advanced technologies, but also unusual perks such as hammocks for a laidback working experience. Fitness buffs and sport aficionados have a gym and fitness classes at their disposal, and G2A Active Team to play football, volleyball or cricket with. There is also the #BeFit program in case anyone needs healthy lifestyle advice, as well as saunas and massage sessions for relaxation. Movie nights, free cinema and theater tickets and a Games Room with the best video games, billiards and table tennis are there to provide entertainment. Everyone can also learn new languages thanks to free courses. Every employee has access to all these benefits at G2A, regardless of their position or work experience.

G2A rates extremely high among workplaces in Rzeszów

Free fruit and MultiSport cards are not enough to win the hearts of true talents,” says Anna Smela, Health, Wellness & Safety Manager at G2A. “We modeled our perks after the very best in the tech industry. We want to show everyone that there’s no need to go abroad in search for the most modern workplaces. You can find them here in Poland, in Rzeszów,” she adds.
The Best Benefits 2018 award confirms G2A’s already prevalent reputation as a workplace with excellent perks. Back in January 2017, a known Polish vlogger, Szafa, visited the company’s research & development center in Rzeszów and made a very popular video (NOTE: available in Polish only) about a typical day in G2A, garnering enthusiastic opinions and reviews.

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