Cover your tracks and get lucky with G2A Deal #8


The latest bundle from G2A Direct is launching on Thursday, November 16th, and includes five hard-hitting titles from a variety of studios. G2A Deal #8 brings together a healthy mix of genres, including action, MMORPG, and puzzle. The list of games in the deal includes Serial Cleaner, Guardians of Ember, Deep Blue 3D Maze, Dead Man’s Draw, and One More Line, all of which are being sold with no third-party sellers involved. The bundle will cost €2.49 with a subscription, or €2.99 as a one-time purchase.

 Below are details for each game:

 Serial Cleaner Serial Cleaner is a fast-paced, story-driven stealth/action game from Curve Digital. Set in 1970s America, your job as a professional cleaner means clearing up murder scenes, properly disposing bodies, wiping up messes of blood, and hiding incriminating evidence. Clean up, get out, and get paid before the police figure you out. Don’t get spotted; make it spotless.

Guardians of Ember – From InselGames Ltd., the developers behind the award-winning Runes of Magic and Dragon’s Prophet, comes Guardians of Ember. This addition to G2A Deal is a hack-n-slash RPG adventure where players explore a dark fantasy world with intense combat, crawl through 60+ dungeons, upgrade 300+ skills and battle it out with other players across a variety of modes (1vs1, 3vs3, 5vs5).

Deep Blue 3D Maze – Get the ball rolling with this maze-crawling adventure from Ice Code Games. Control a ball across various 3D mazes, avoid purple traps, and open portals to make your grand escape in Deep Blue 3D Maze.

Dead Man’s Draw – The critically acclaimed card game from Stardock Entertainment is now available on PC. Risk it all with Dead Man’s Draw, a simple game of skill and luck where you decide to play it safe or push on in pursuit of boundless riches and insane combos! Draw right and don’t get dead, man.

One More Line – Timing. Skill. Disco. Launch yourself to new heights with this addictive game from SMG Studios! Featuring challenging puzzles and 2-4 local multiplayer, One More Line will put your skills to the test as you ascend to the top to beat out all your friends.

All keys included in this edition of G2A Deal will be available immediately after purchase as Steam codes and will not be region-locked.


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