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Counter Strike: Global Offensive Skins G2A.COM!


Counter Strike: Global Offensive Skins G2A.COM!

Trade Your CS:GO Skins on G2A! Choose From Our Item Galore! (PRNewsFoto/G2A.com)

G2A - the world's fastest growing digital gaming marketplace - have expanded their portfolio today to allow for the trading, acquiring and discussion on Game Skins and their role in customizing a game for increased user enjoyment.

Co-founder and CMO, Dawid Rozek said that this development came about because of their recent birthday celebrations when guests expressed a keen interest in seeing a library selection of skins for their games. He added: “We had to create a response to the interests of hard core gamers who like variety.” G2A Winter Wonderland Party – Celebrating the Birthday of the G2A.com Marketplace

Game Skins are visuals, covering game item appearance weapons or characters and are activated directly in-game. Skins are in effect, customized graphics that allow gamers to stand out from each other within the game. In 2007, Team Fortress 2 launched their own collectibles hats. Later came the era of free 2 plays with only non-invasive skins (no advantage in the game apart from cosmetic so players are still equal). Today, such game titles as TF2, CS:GO, LoL have their business model based on allowing their creators to develop their product endlessly, through the use of skins.

Dawid said that while Game skins don’t affect in-game performance, they do prove that the gamer is a dedicated player “who is dedicated to the game and enjoys customizing their visual stimulation within the game.”

G2A.COM identified the demand for game skins for the most popular e-sport game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Millions of satisfied customers along with the best e-Sport teams and organizations such as: Virtus.PRO and Natus Vincere already work with G2A, to ensure that gamers can enjoy their games in a very special way and style because of the safe, fast accessorizing of their games.

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