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Cashback codes and discounts on G2A Marketplace


There are many benefits to be reaped from online shopping. One of the biggest ones is that it’s incredibly convenient and saves you a lot of time which would be otherwise spent travelling to and from the store, or standing in queues to the checkout. Online shops also tend to present their potential customers with attractive discounts and other special deals to encourage switching to online shopping.

G2A Marketplace is no different. One of the best features offered to customers are the cashback codes, which, when compounded with discounts, make the products not only cheaper, but also partially funding future purchases.


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What is a cashback code?

To put it simply: using a cashback code ensures, that for every order you make on the G2A Marketplace you’re going to get back a certain percentage of the spent cash back to your G2A Wallet. This credit can then be used to make other purchases in the future. Depending on the total price of your order, the credit you get from cashback may even be enough to cover a second order, or at least provide a substantial, if indirect discount.
The percentage is going to be different from code to code, but most of them stay within the 3-to-5% range. Sometimes a special promo code can provide even a 10% cashback, although it’s a rare occurrence, saved for unique occasions.

Where can I get a cashback code?

Special, customised cashback codes are issued to Youtubers and streamers so that they can then give them to their audience. Sometimes if you follow G2A’s social media channel or subscribe to a newsletter you may come across a code too, on special occasions.
Yet another method is following this page, which we will be updating every once in a while with active codes, so that you can find them all in one place.

How do I use a cashback code?

You can type in/paste your code in the text field on the checkout page. When you click “OK” the code will be applied to the contents of your basket and your returns will be calculated.

Start shopping smarter

That about covers what you need to know to start using and benefitting from G2A Marketplace’s cashback codes. We’ll be updating the list now and then with general-use codes whenever they’ll be released.

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