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  • The Internet is truly amazing. You just can't say no to the vast knowledge it gives you access to or being able to stay in touch with your friends all over the world. Too bad this place is also the perfect spot for fraudsters and scammers, but worry not — specialists at G2A are here to make sure you stay safe online. Read on to find out how to spot and prevent the most popular online scams.
  • Online payments used to scare me senseless back in the day, because I never knew how they would go about. How do I do it? How does it work? What if something goes wrong, what will happen then? Mostly I was just scared because I wasn’t very tech savvy, nor was I good at asking for help, but that’s a thing of the past! Now I am much more knowledgeable in the online payments area and ready to share my insights and knowledge.
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Welcome to G2A Blog, an excellent source of expert stuff!

Written by our employees — true specialists in their respective fields — the blog covers a wide range of topics: IT, UX, online security, job seeking tips, work/lifehacks and much, much more.

Want to know how to stay safe on the Internet, become more productive at work or learn about awesome new tech trends? You've come to the right place!

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