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  • Interns had an awesome summer at G2A this year!

    It seems that internship programs are becoming more and more popular among companies today. Not only is it an amazing opportunity to discover true gems and turn them into future company superstars, it also gives post-graduates and students a chance to gain some real work experience. Can you imagine a better way to become a qualified specialist in a position that you did not even know existed a couple years back? This isn't something standard education can offer you!
  • I bet you’re sitting while reading this – and you shouldn’t be

    The development of our civilization led us to adopting a sedentary lifestyle, which puts a huge strain on our movement system and, in a sense, actively shortens our lives. Many have sounded the alarm, for "sitting is the new smoking," and rightfully so. Objectively speaking, there is a certain truth to that statement.
  • G2A reviews top benefits trends – cinema tickets and multisport cards are not enough anymore!

    Work atmosphere and personal development are some of the most important values for us – the new generation of employees. We are more confident and egotistical (in a positive way, of course). Nowadays we ask ourselves, what did my employer give me? How can I develop myself in my workplace?
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