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Bartosz Skwarczek at Business Without Limits: “G2A aims to be a major player in the Fintech game”


G2A rose to power in the video game industry, but the company plans to take the Fintech world by storm, this time as a financial institution. G2A's CEO Bartosz Skwarczek shared his ambitious plans for the future during the BWL congress held from June 21st – 22nd, 2018, in Jasionka near Rzeszow, Poland.

Games are at the core of G2A’s business and G2A Marketplace is what made the initially unassuming startup thrive and become a global company. “We’re continuously expanding our base offer by adding new product categories, such as software, e-learning and electronics,” said Bartosz Skwarczek during his PowerChat panel at BWL. “Over 100 people work hard to ensure that every transaction on G2A Marketplace is safe. You can buy only genuine, new products here, there’s no room for fraud or used keys on our platform,” he added.

But the company does not stop there. Instead, it shifts focus to Fintech, a domain where it already enjoys considerable success. “Four years ago we created G2A PAY,” Skwarczek recounted the history of G2A’s flagship payment solution. “Our plan was to make shopping on our platform even more convenient for our users, but what we eventually did was develop one of the world’s top payment gateways, supporting over 200 local and global methods. I remember asking the CEO of a huge gaming company how many new payment methods they integrated last year. ‘Two,’ he said, to which I replied: ‘We added over 80.’”

Bartosz Skwarczek was also named one of the Ambassadors of G2A Arena. Their roster includes Marta Półtorak, the owner of Millennium Hall, one of Rzeszow’s largest and most popular malls, and Wergiliusz Gołąbek. the president of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow. G2A and Medyk are among companies that received the title of Reliable Partner.

Business Without Limits gathers exceptional representatives from business, science, sports and arts twice a year. The fourth edition of the congress took place in G2A Arena in Jasionka near Rzeszów and marked the exhibition center’s second anniversary.


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