• Best Marketplace
    21st Century National Technology Awards
  • Cross-Border Pitch Arena Winner
    Cross-Border Commerce C-Suite Spring 2024
  • Merchant of the Year
    CNP Awards
  • Best B2C Website of the Year
    Global eCommerce Awards 2021
  • Best Music/DVD/Games Website of the Year
    Global eCommerce Awards 2021
  • BrandMe CEO Award for CEO of G2A
    Forbes Poland
  • Outstanding Fast-Growth Business
    Global Business Excellence
  • CEO of G2A named a Digital Shaper in Innovation & Technology
    Digital Poland
  • Company of the Year
    Crystal Antenna Award
  • Best Benefits Strategy 2018
    Benefits Festival
  • Gold Medal for the CEO of G2A.COM
    Polish Academy of Success
  • Best Direction
    Golden Drums 2019
  • Innovative Cross Cultural Training for Gamers
    The Stevies (US)
  • Best Cinematography
    Golden Drums 2019
  • Cross Cultural Customer Experience
    The Stevies (US)
  • Retail & Public Services
    Golden Drums 2019
  • G2A Land Oculus Virtual Reality (VR) Project
    The Stevies (US)
  • Outstanding Customer Service Team
    Global Business Excellence
  • Innovation in Customer Experience
    UK Financial Services Experience Awards
  • Cinematography
    KTR 2020
  • Outstanding New Product / Service
    Global Business Excellence
  • Use of licensed/adapted music
    KTR 2020
  • Direction
    KTR 2020
  • Online video
    KTR 2020
  • Leader of the Region in Financial Services
    Nowiny/Polska Press
  • Best Deal of the Year 2017
    eBay Hong Kong
  • Innovation Award
    Business Insider