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A new, interactive achievement system for G2A users is live!


Calling all gamers! Achievements have been a huge part of gaming ever since the very beginning. Starting out as basic leaderboards and evolving into Steam or Xbox achievements, it’s safe to say they’re everywhere. This includes G2A Marketplace.

G2A’s goal has always been to unite the shopping needs of gamers and geeks in one convenient place, all while focusing on their main passion of gaming. That’s why we created a new addition to G2A.COM – a system which lets every user profit from completing tasks on G2A Marketplace, boosting their profile there and simply tracking their hobby.

”Achievements are the main part of our new system. Instead of traditional tasks like 10 zombies killed with a rocket launcher, ours will look more like 10 consequent logins on G2A, 5 RPG games purchased, or even logging in before 5AM. These will be very different, and with each completed one come rewards,” says Paulina Pasławska, Product Lead at G2A.

Aside from the Achievements bar, there will be a separate one for Quests. These are spontaneous tasks that can pop up anytime. You’ll have to be quick, as they’re also time-limited, meaning you have to finish them before time runs out. When completed, they reward you much higher than usual. Additionally, you can expect quests accessed via hidden pixels, and secret achievements to look out for.

What rewards can you get? Custom titles, profile backgrounds, avatars, secret badges – everything to make your account stand out and be unique. There are also more substantial bonuses, like funds that you can spend on G2A Marketplace, or even Loot Points that can be used to unlock gaming cases. Compete with friends and enjoy the rivalry!

The new addition to the G2A ecosystem makes it much more engaging for its users. The system was added mainly as a form of entertainment for buyers, however, G2A does plan on using this platform to surprise them with even more discounts and many other benefits in the future.

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