The games taught us the game.

We have learnt to draw experience from all the variety of sources, from business and beyond. As video-game enthusiasts we know how to cooperate, enjoy and succeed in a competitive environment. And, most importantly, we know how to share success
with our Customers and Partners.

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G2A.COM is one of the co-hosts of a charity
campaign for Save the Children.

Our goal is to raise $500 000 for

At this moment our partners include:

  • Paypal

    One of the largest online payment companies in the world.

  • PewDiePie

    The biggest YouTube vlogger in the world (Guinness World Record Breaker – more than 15 million subscribers)

  • SivHD

    One of the most popular people in the League of Legends community, well known for his charity activities.

  • Ocelote

    One of the most popular streamers on

  • Athene

    World-famous gaming personality, raised over $7 million in one year to feed starving children.


What do WE do FOR YOU?

G2A.COM sells game and software activation keys for Steam, Origin, Xbox Live cards, PSN codes and time-cards for online games.
We are active as both wholesale and retail seller. We are behind such successful sites as: We have our own marketing program. G2A Goldmine is a new solution helping you gather income with hardly no work whatsoever. This program is open to everyone and from entering the site you can learn the rules in 10 minutes.

  • Retail
  • Cooperation
  • Retail
  • Wholesale

They say

Thanks to the cooperation with one of the leaders in online payments market – PayPal, is able to provide secure and user-friendly shopping experience for customers from all over the World. In just a few seconds they can enjoy their favourite games. is a trustworthy business partner, that focuses on clients' satisfaction. did an exceptional job on our recent project.
The company has a deep expertise in developing solutions, is deadline oriented and broad-minded. Working with is a signature of success!

It is a pleasure to work with They provide customer-friendly service in combination with secure and fast payment options. stands for e-commerce expertise!

We hereby confirm that we have entered into an E-Pin Distribution Agreement with effect from March 14, 2011 where Gameforge Productions GmbH appoints to distrubute and resell Electronic Pin of Gameforge's Gaming Online Content in Poland.

G2A is a very responsible and trustworthy business partner. Our cooperation always goes smooth and it is very flexible. The ammount of work people at G2A.COM commit into their projects is simply amazing.

We’re global

There is one word - 'worldwide' that characterizes all activities of G2A.COM because we work and think globally. Our Customers are from around the world; USA, Great Britain, Germany, China, South Korea and many other countries. We are constantly expanding and are in the process of opening new branches like Asia (G2A.ASIA). Our global network of offices supports our expanding international and regional base of Clients while providing them with new growth sales opportunities. To conclude, the best ideas always win. The games which are chosen by our stuff are connected with the process of sale of the most respected and accomplished game development studios all around the world. Thanks to this You are always invited to get any game You want to from our EA, Blizzard, Xbox live Microsoft sales, Indie game store and many others too. Our Platform works 24 hours, 7 days in a week because we have always time for Your personal choices. We bring all ideas concerning selecting games for our Sales Platform into effect because every theme of each game is like our beloved movie. For us – every idea is both our and Yours. We do everything with passion and focus on many far-reaching advanced concepts while considering Your needs and expectations. Live up to Your game expectations - is what we gear for, becaue we always work and think globally.