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G2A bring gaming developers, buyers and sellers together in a trusted digital marketplace protected by the G2A Shield so that you are guaranteed a safe environment and good experience.

What G2A is?

We have learnt to draw experience from a variety of sources, from business and beyond. As video game enthusiasts, we know how to cooperate, enjoy and succeed in a competitive environment.

And, most importantly, we know how to share success with our Customers and Partners.

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Introducing one trustworthy solution for your online payments

We observe and learn from each encountered experience. As a group of dedicated fans, we know what successful cooperation means.

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Buy with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Due to the vast cooperation with numerous associates we perfectly understand the needs of customers. Therefore, G2A Shield provides 100% purchase satisfaction.

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Empowering E-Sports promotes growth for gaming. With partners from all continents, reach and visibility, goals are achieved on a global scale.
A revolutionary way of reaching your Target Market first hand... literally.

We're conquering the world right now

We offer the best variety of digital gaming products in the world.


This is how we support you...

We provide support for customers from all around the world in 7 languages